vardanega roberts

VR is a specialist insurance practice.

We live and breathe the insurance industry. We have built the business on the back of referrals from deeply satisfied clients and punch above our weight with an impressive client list of Australian based and international clients.

Our key attributes are:
Excellence in our work: demonstrated by clients’ consistent high scoring of our performance and ranking.
Trust: evidenced by our strong relationship with long-standing clients.
Client focus: our nimble, dynamic practice strives to understand and evolve with the needs of our clients.
Innovation: in our claims initiatives, our resolution approaches and our risk - shared fee offerings, we actively encourage our team to “do it differently”, “think unshackled” and to continually improve.
Value adding: a core part of what we do for clients.
Investment in people: we invest in staff and client education to foster communication, teamwork and excellence.
Collaboration: no one owns a client and resources are deployed where needed. Everyone in our firm has a voice.
Adaption: we are evolving, compelled to become more efficient and meet clients’ needs.
Values driven: at the heart of VR are our three core values of honesty, fairness and hard work.
Smaller by choice: we don’t wish to be the biggest nor have the most clients: we want to be the best.
Specialist: we are unashamedly narrow and deep in our expertise and focus.
Our pricing models offer:
Fee certainty: there will never be fee surprises.
Shared risk: if we take longer to do something than estimated, the cost is absorbed by us, not passed onto clients. 
Open access: claims staff can contact anyone at VR at any time without being concerned that ‘the clock is ticking’.
An unconditional service guarantee: we back ourselves by asking clients to only pay us what they think our work was worth to them.
With almost 50 staff we are a growing specialist firm.
moved to new, larger premises (1,000 sqm) in December 2015.