vardanega roberts

VR is taking the Corona virus seriously.

The partners have cancelled their trip to London in March 2020, and have cancelled all personal overseas travel.

We have implemented the following in our office:

  1. Wipe down every day of all surfaces before work starts
  2. Minimise paper transmission
  3. Self-isolation if a staff member or close family member has a fever or respiratory symptoms
  4. We have developed work from home protocols and staggered start times/shifts for admin staff
  5. Social distancing within the office
  6. We have asked staff to limit attendances at theatres, restaurants, bars and travel
  7. Limited external meetings and non-essential travel

 So far we have no staff reporting any infection for Covid19 nor similar symptoms.

 We will work to ensure you and your staff stay safe, as well as safe guarding our own staff.

 This firm has worked through significant disruptions in the past e.g. SARS, MERS, H1N1, the Sydney Olympics and the Millennium bug.

 We are confident we can provide consistency of quality service throughout this period of uncertainty.

 We will update any changes to our protocols.