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CHU RFP result
It is with pleasure the partners announce that VR has has been successful in the tender for CHU legal services. The tender is for a period of 3 years. VR will be doing large loss recoveries across Australia and in NSW Third party injury and property damage claims.

 It was stressed that VR was successful because :

 1.       The quality of the work we have done for CHU over the last year and the success in those matters

 2.       The depth of our experience in Liability injury and property work

 3.       The fact that we developed strategies to assist CHU which no other firm had done

 4.       Our tender was obviously written by us and not a marketing consultant

About CHU

“CHU Agencies Pty Ltd (“CHU”) created the very first strata insurance plan in Australia and started trading in Sydney in 1978. Today, more than 39 years on, CHU is recognised as Australia’s leading strata insurance specialist, underwriting more than 100,000 schemes across Australia.

We have offices in five states across Australia – New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, with the head office based in Milsons Point in Sydney. We also underwrite in Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

We were previously owned by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited and purchased by the Steadfast Group in June 2015. Following the Steadfast purchase, CHU established a new leadership team which includes a new CEO, CFO and a new Head of Claims – Andy Martindale.

CHU issues its products as an agent for the Insurer QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited, ABN 78 003 191 035 (AFSL No: 239 545) (QBE). We have a delegated underwriting and claims authority under the QBE Binder. We underwrite the following classes of insurance: Residential Strata, Commercial Strata, Community Association Insurance, Contents for Strata and Landlords for Strata. We have recently set up the Strata Service Centre (SSC). All claims under the new Landlords and Content products (excluding large loss) are now managed within the SSC.”