vardanega roberts

VR commenced in January 1992, with just three full time staff and two part time staff. Partners Stephen Vardanega and Mike Roberts opened their doors for business in Town Hall House. Steady growth saw us move to Picadilly Level 26 and then to 130 Elizabeth street. The firm has continued to grow and prosper with our Move to 100 William Street where we occupy a whole floor almost 5 years ago. 

Our proudest achievements are
- long standing client relationships
 - an impressive alma mater
- and ongoing commitment to service and quality.

VR is a specialist insurance practice. We live and breathe insurance. We built this successful business on the back of referrals from deeply satisfied clients. We punch above our weight with impressive Australian and International clients.

Our key attributes are:
Excellence in our work: demonstrated by consistent high-performance scores from clients.
Trust: evidenced by our strong relationship with long-standing clients.
Client focus: our nimble, dynamic practice strives to understand and evolve with clients’ needs.
Innovation: in our claims initiatives, risk - shared fee offerings, our team “does it differently” and “think unshackled”.
Value adding: a core part of what we do for you and other clients.
Investment in people: we invest in staff and client education to foster excellence and teamwork.
Collaboration: no one owns a client - resources are deployed where needed. Everyone has a voice.
Adaption: we are evolving, compelled to be more efficient and meet clients’ needs.
Values driven
: at the heart of VR are our three core values; honesty, fairness, hard work.
Smaller by choice: we don’t wish to be the biggest with the most clients; we want to be the best.
Specialist: we are unashamedly narrow and deep in our expertise and focus

We're looking forward to our next 25 years.